A quick and dirty guide to my cigar review scoring

For every cigar smoker, there is a way to rate the enjoyment of a cigar. Over the years, I have tried various cigar review systems, but I found the commonly used 100-point system took me out of the experience and didn’t allow me to savour the flavours and the memories that they stimulated.

Also I am rather prone to story telling and will often go off on a reverie when a taste or aroma tickles my memory, so the written description is as important to me, if not more so, as the numbers that come out at the end. Consequently, I am a rather slow smoker, so please do take the smoke times with a large pinch of salt!

Based on all of the above, I have attempted to devise my own “5 for 5” cigar review scoring system based on what is important to me when I smoke.

My Cigar Review Criteria






a half smoked Nova Platinum Club Edition Exclusive Toro cigar sat in my ashtray whilst I compose my cigar review