Asylum Schizo Hercule Review: Big Cigar, Bigger Surprise

The mighty Schizo Hercule cigar in all its glory

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2 Responses

  1.  Mark Williams says:

    Great review! I really want to try this cigar. It looks and sounds very interesting. I was wondering if I could get your advice on buying cigars. I live in the UK, but cigar prices seem crazy to me. I have been using cgarsltd. Do you order your cigars online from abroad? Do you have to pay additional customs charges? Can you recommend some good, reasonably priced online retailers? I follow you on Instagram. Great photos!

    •  Pandora says:

      Hello! Yes, I do know Cgars Ltd and they are reasonably priced for the UK. If you haven’t tried them, check out their Inka Red and Regius ranges – they are some of my go-to smokes. I have imported in the past and until we officially leave the EU, I believe customs charges are less risky from suppliers in mainland Europe, but your mileage may vary. I got this particular cigar from Paul Bugge in Germany, but alas they are no longer taking new UK customers. I’ve heard good things about Hacico, but haven’t yet put in an order. The best advice I can give if ordering abroad is keep the orders relatively small (no more than a single box of 25, or a mixture of singles) and see what happens. Even with import costs, it can work out cheaper.

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