Jose L Piedra Cazadores Review: Tried, tested and loved

The Jose L Piedra Cazadores cigar in all its glory

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2 Responses

  1.  Ola Muscat says:

    I found your site (excellent btw) while looking for reviews on this little gem of a cigar. For that price with that build and those flavours it’s really amazing. Love your reviews – lots of feel instead of ”technical stuff”. Interesting taste notes on this, had trouble finding your orange but found some almond in it with smooth vanilla. Will be a staple in the humidor.

    •  Pandora says:

      Thank you so much 🙏🏻 I’m glad you like my content. Not all flavour notes are easily found in every version of a cigar, they are after all a hand crafted, natural product. Whilst there is always room for the technical stuff, for me, cigars are all about the experience and I’m glad that comes across.

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