Lock, Stock and Two Great Budget Cigars? Two Smoking Barrels from GQ Tobaccos

Introducing GQ Tobaccos Two Smoking Barrels Toro and Robusto, each one a great budget cigar

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2 Responses

  1.  Puffer and i says:

    Great to see your articles again, miss your excellent videos on youtube or more so rumble. Wanted to comment on your latest article regarding young people smoking cigars from that moron at the guardian, but there was no where to comment, so just thought id drop a comment here and say your article on that was spot on. Typical foolish brain washed left wing media producing hate without substance.

    •  Pandora says:

      I’m glad you have enjoyed my videos 💜 And I have sorted the comments issue on the Young Smokers article, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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